MindBody Therapy is a successful complementary health and well being company, whose main centre is based in Forest Hill, SE23 but they cover all of London and the South East with their services including for Corporate Bookings.

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Esther Austin

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Esther Austin
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Esther Austin, International Intuitive Healer and Intuitive Reader
“Getting to the Heart and Root of problems Fast”


Esther Austin is passionate about supporting and facilitating in the transformation of lives. Esther believes in attaining Inner and outer Fitness and Inner well-being. As within, so without.  In order to create harmony in our lives and to feel the liberation of living on purpose, we must learn to face, without judgement, that which lies within and then gently lead ourselves on a journey of getting to heal, grow and know self.    Her strapline is “getting to the heart and root of problems fast.”

Intuitive Healing can be referred to as energy healing. This can be delivered hands-on or from a distance. Clients remain fully clothed throughout sessions. Treatments are delivered on a massage couch or chair. The healer is a conduit who channels universal energy into the recipient. The energy has an intelligence of its own which allows it to penetrate the area that needs the most healing. It works alongside a person’s innate sense to self heal. Some of the benefits of Intuitive Healing are it can work on the following and more:

Emotional blockages, High blood pressure, Headaches/migraines, Period pains, Muscle pain/cramps/MS, Arthritis, Stress, Physical aches and pains/injuries

Intuitive Reading An intuitive reading can be a powerful tool for gaining depth and insight into self and life. An intuitive reading is a snapshot of your life which may provide suggested actions or directions to take, it does not predict the future. The future is not necessarily an unchangeable thing. Free-will allows one the ability to create the desired future. 

A reading can support you in taking responsibility for your life. When intuitive advice is sought, it should not be used solely in making important life decisions. Use it as useful information to consider, alongside what you feel within your own inner self

Esther is a well-travelled adventurous and eccentric soul, wishing to experience as much of life’s wonderful and bountiful experiences, without carrying too much excess pain with her so that she can embrace all that life has to offer.   What about you?  Why not gift yourself the opportunity to get the support you need in order to help deal with life and any painful situations. Remember: The Truth shall set you free.  You deserve to be free.  Esther also runs international workshops and retreats.

60 Minutes – Intuitive Healing = £65

30 Minutes – Intuitive Readings = £30

60 Minute – Intuitive Reading = £65