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Florence Okwan

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Florence Okwan


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I completed an ITEC Level 3 in Complementary therapy in 2017 with Merit this extends to Reflexology, Aromatherapy; Swedish massage and aspects of deep tissue massage and I am always adding to these skills.


I originally trained as a contemporary dancer in my early twenties and join Adzido Pan African Dance Ensemble in 1998-2005.  I then decided to attend university where I obtained an education in Education studies and English language, then another in Humanistic an psychodynamic counselling.  Still finding it hard to fit into society and any career after dance, my attention was focusing more and more on spiritual concepts.  After years of looking I found a teacher I still continue to learn from today.

I completed shamanic initiations in 2014 and the practitioners course then repeated the course to learn more from my teacher and go deeper into the work resulting in three years of initiations and advanced learning extending to healing the land.  I have assisted Jez during last year’s initiations and I continue to learn Jez Hughes of Second Sight Healing and I will be extending my knowledge learning to lead and teach groups in shamanism on my fifth year later in 2018 once I settle in.