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Karen Burke

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The 1st of the power up series is ready to purchase –  new ebook Power Up


Power Up Your Life!

“Today is the outcome of yesterday. Tomorrow will be the outcome of Today. YOU CHOOSE”. KB

We had a great time in one of my recent ‘Power Up’ women’s workshops of sharing and inspiring each other. I was so proud of them, as most had written down some of their goals and were ready to go into visualisation, to adjust their goals and write down what they really needed for the year ahead.

Some comments were…’very good session…space to think’; ‘really great day, a room full of very wise women who I learnt a lot from’; ‘Karen pushed me to think a few layers deeper than I had before when thinking about my goals’.

The common question asked (in not so exact words) was, ‘How do you power up?’ There are so many tools we went through and many experiences shared, however in the end it was about…

Standing still long enough for your own Intuition to speak, to gain Clarity on what you really need and taking Action on it Now.

I for Intuition; C for Clarity; A for Action; N for Now


“I am passionate about expanding people’s self awareness and power. I would love people to feel like they too can say “I can do it, I can reach my goals, change my life and be empowered to be the best version of ME, that I can be.”



Performance Life Coaching:

How often do you find that you’re not sure which way to go or know but no time or lacking confidence to move forward? I can put you on the right track.

Common areas I help with:

Career Change / Advancement; Declutter; Procrastination; Carving out time for you & your projects; Stress Management; Taking the Plunge; Setting Goals; Rediscovering who YOU are, your passions and your life.


Mentoring (more advice & guidance):

What to study/how to study; Career Choices & Changes; Teens; Families with teens; Empowerment


Group Workshops:

Improve the efficiency, effectiveness and performance of your teams.

  • Stress Management
  • Time Management – how to make the most of your time at home and work
  • Getting the most from your staff – Empowerment talk; dealing with conflict; confidence building; organisation change; performance & motivation
  • Goal Setting – how to set goals; tips/exercises and how to stay the course
  • Power Up Your Life!
  • Money Management


Business Services:

How do you manage all you do and sort the books? I love numbers, send your accounts box to me.

  • Individual and small business accounts
  • Road to self employment – starting a business
  • Self Assessed Tax returns for individuals
  • Company Accounts and Annual returns
  • General Book-keeping

About Karen

Karen Burke ACMA, MAAT, DipPPC is a Chartered Management Accountant, a Certified Personal Performance Life Coach, Stress Management Consultant, Business Owner, Mentor and Study Coach.

Karen’s clients, whether 1-2-1 or in a group, come from all walks of life; young teens, part time/ full time students (no matter what age!), busy mothers, career driven women, independent women, women changing careers, women finding themselves again after a relationship break up and people who want to live full lives ‘in love’ with themselves and their world. She is available for coaching on a one to one or group basis and for workshops such as ‘Work Life Balance’. She is also available as a life coach for your Company as part of your Well Being Package.

Karen welcomes all with warmth, dignity and respect, treating each person as a unique individual, full of potential.