MindBody Therapy is a successful complementary health and well being company, whose main centre is based in Forest Hill, SE23 but they cover all of London and the South East with their services including for Corporate Bookings.

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“I am passionate about expanding people’s self awareness and power. I would love people to feel like they too can say “I can do it, I can reach my goals, change my life and be empowered to be the best version of ME, that I can be.”

About Karen

Karen Burke ACMA, MAAT, DipPPC is a Chartered Management Accountant, a Certified Personal Performance Life Coach, Stress Management Consultant, Business Owner, Mentor and Power Up Coach.


Karen offers Accountancy and Coaching services to individuals and small businesses, looking to start, restart or power up their life and/or business. She helps them by giving them the confidence and tools to propel forward (as well as taking on their books, if required, so they can concentrate on what they do best).


She is passionate about expanding people’s self awareness and power, ensuring everyone she works with, has that ‘hug’ they need when someone is in their corner, championing them; their career and/or their business. Her strengths include being inspiring, positive, implementer and multi-tasker. Her core values are integrity, honesty, loyalty and respect. “I hope I achieve this through all the people and businesses I work with by being supportive and encouraging”.


Karen has worked with a variety of people through 1-2-1’s and group workshops; young carers; school mums; corporate women on their career ladder; young teens, their families and corporate clients, utilising her coaching as well as her accounting skills. Workshops include Stress Management; Money Management; Empowerment; Team building and motivation.

To Book Virtual Coaching or Mentoring Sessions with Karen – choose at Virtual Events.

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To Book face to face Coaching sessions at the Centre, SE23 with Karen, please email in your request at suggesting best days/times for a session.

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For all other business; accounting; operations related queries, please contact Simple Business Services at

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Power Up

Some people who come to me haven’t got a clue about what is next in their life. Others have an idea but lack the motivation and allow themselves to stay in the ‘comfort zone’. If you are serious about moving forward, buy the book and try out the exercises as well, to solidify your thoughts and make your new lifestyle a reality. See this book like a ‘side piece’ – something you can dip into time and time again to help you propel forward.


Power Up Coach

Power Up Coach

  • Career Change / Advancement / Navigating your corporate life
  • Taking the Plunge from 9 – 5 to something else
  • Procrastination; Setting Goals; Staying Focused
  • Carving out time for you & your projects
  • Stress Management
  • Rediscovering who YOU are, your passions and your life
  • Study coaching / mentoring
  • Business Coaching

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Mentoring (advice & guidance)

  • Study coaching
  • Time management
  • What to study / how to study
  • Procrastination; Staying Focused
  • Setting Goals and sticking to them
  • Career Choices & Changes
  • Teens; Families with teens
  • Power Up sessions

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Group Workshops

Group Workshops

Improve the efficiency, effectiveness and performance of your teams.

  • Getting the most from your staff – confidence building; organisation change conflicts; leadership performance
  • Power Up Your Life! – Power Up empowerment talk; team building; motivation

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Simple Business Services

Accounting; Finance & Operations

  • Individual and small business accounts
  • Road to self employment – starting a business
  • Self Assessed Tax returns for individuals
  • Company Accounts and Annual returns
  • General Book-keeping

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Making Time For You

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Kit Kat Break

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Spring Clean


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