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Sam Winter

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Sam Winter



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Based in Forest Hill

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Tel: 020 3417 6108

Samuel Winter has qualified in Physiotherapy with flying colours. His work with clients throughout London combined with extensive NHS experience, enables the provision of a wholesome therapy, able to advise on health concerns, offer techniques and devise home therapy programmes beyond the scope of most. He is registered with the HCP (health & care professions) number PH117428. Tailored rehabilitation covers a range of musculoskeletal conditions, including: strains and sprains, back and neck pain, concussion, repeated falls and chronic pain.

He values the diversity between patients and their respective conditions. Everyone is unique and he ensures clientele receive their own tailor made treatment. Most patients find relief in just a few visits. Don’t linger in pain, please call the centre today to schedule an initial consultation to discuss your specific needs.



Initial assessment and treatments:

*Accurate and effective diagnosis to form a platform of Physiotherapy treatment or referral to other exceptional therapist working within the clinic

*Evaluation of biomechanics, pre-existing exercise and nutritional programs, including nutritional supplementation

1) Manual therapy techniques for manipulation of the joints and tissues, including:

– Mobilisation – Deep friction – Pre and post event sports therapy – Soft Tissue Release – Myofacial release – Neuro muscular techniques – Muscle energy techniques

2) Biomechanical and muscle balance correction

3) Heat/Cold Treatments

4) Exercise, from:


*Minimally intrusive home programmes

*Intensive gym-based strength or cardio programmes

*Specific activity or sport programmes dependent on your needs, running for example


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