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Book of the Month – You Can Heal Your Life

QUOTES from the book by Louise L Hay:
Every thought we give out is creating our future. It’s only a thought and a thought can be changed. Believe it or not we do choose our thoughts.  We habitually think the same thought over and over so that it does not seem we are choosing the thought.  But we did make the original choice.  We can refuse to think certain thoughts.  Look how often you have refused to think a positive thought about yourself.  Well, you can also refuse to think a negative thought about yourself.   The more self hatred and guilt we have, the less our lives work.  The less self hatred and guilt we have, the better our lives work, on all levels.
Success:  Every experience is success
What does ‘failure’ mean anyway?  Does it mean that something did not turn out the way you wanted it to, or the way you were hoping?  The law of experience is always perfect.  Recognise your error and try another way – until you learn to do it correctly.  Could it be that we are just not recognising our successes along the way?
Continually make positive statements about the way you want your life to be.  Always make your statement in the present tense “I am” or “I have”.  If you declare in the future tense ie “I want” or “I will have”. Then that is where that idea will always stay – just out of your reach in the future.
Some copies available in the centre. Everyone should have one in their library!

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