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MindBody Therapy / Community  / Introduction to Hypnosis – Group relax session with Lisa Sun 18th Feb

Introduction to Hypnosis – Group relax session with Lisa Sun 18th Feb

Have you often wondered what it feels like to be in hypnosis and how hypnotherapy works?

Here’s a chance to find out and to experience hypnosis perhaps for the first time…


What – A talk about hypnosis and hypnotherapy followed by a group hypnosis experience, this group will be led by Lisa French.

When – Sun 18th Feb 2018. Please arrive at 11.15am for an  11.30pm start to 12.30pm 

Where – MindBody Therapy Centre

Cost – £12 each


What does it feel like to be in hypnosis? By Lisa French, Hypnotherapist

This is a question that I am often asked. The short answer is it’s a bit like daydreaming. Daydreaming is something that most of us do naturally throughout the day.  For example, you might be travelling on the tube or trying to focus on sorting out some paperwork and your mind drifts back to a holiday you enjoyed, you might be remembering being on a beach relaxing, feeling the sun gently warming your skin, it’s almost like you are there again. Then suddenly you realise that your mind has wandered and that you were “miles away”. You bring yourself back to the task in hand or become aware you are on a train.


As a hypnotherapist it’s the sound of my voice and what I say to enable people to go into hypnosis, often clients are quite surprised afterwards at just how easily they have been able to go into hypnosis.


Being in hypnosis is usually very relaxing.  Life in London seems to get busier and busier.  Our minds and our bodies need some relaxation time to function well, yet it’s easy for relaxation time to slip to the bottom of our priorities list. In fact some times people forget how to relax.


The good news is that hypnosis is a short-cut to relaxation. Unusually the benefits of relaxation continue for sometime after the session. There’s lots of myths and misconceptions about hypnosis, so I often find I have some work to do to explain what it actually is and how it works.


Or, I am always happy to chat to people on the phone about hypnosis, hypnotherapy and how it works. It can be helpful for a whole range of problems, not just stress and anxiety. I work with individuals and with groups.

PS.I am afraid this group won’t be suitable for you if you have a history of psychosis, are currently severe depressed, or have schizophrenia.



Bye for now. Lisa


There’s a whole range of therapies available at MBT, just stepping into the Centre is very relaxing, You Tube clip

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