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November 2021

November; crisp leaves, foggy breath, crackling fires, hot chocolate, sparklers, cosy scarves. There is so much about November that gives us all the feels.  Before you step outside the door its all about being prepared, so put that umbrella in your bag and get down to the centre to give your body the service it deserves.  Maybe its a massage that you have been meaning to get for the last few months or that facial that makes you feel a million dollars….get that diary out and book it in.  The best way to ensure you look after your health is to prepare in advance and once you commit to an appointment we take care of all the rest.
More great reviews this month…. Michael was fantastic, extremely professional and courteous. I received a Deep Tissue Massage and now I’m feeling like new. Highly recommended. FG Maria was very professional and welcoming. She delivered a fantastic massage which really helped me to relax and also put in perspective my health problems. Thanks to her I understood that my problem with the jaw might be coming from overworked shoulder muscle. Thank you! KB I came into with a lot of pain in my back and left feeling like I’m walking on a cloud. There was much time taken with Teruyo and a full consult to talk about my health and expectations. I feel so much better and I will definitely come back. SB Romina was so kind and covered a lot doing a really short appointment – thank you so much 🙂  HB Michael was very professional and friendly! I really enjoyed my massage and I’ll definitely book again in the future. Thank you!  KB 
Mini gemstone face roller. One of our most popular sellers. These mini rollers are great for skin tone and can help with wrinkles and general circulation. Its rare that we massage our face, but its the thing we focus our attention on most in the mirror. Throw one of these in your bag and when you have a spare 5 mins give yourself a quick face massage.   Citrine is the stone for those with birthdays in NovemberCitrine is known to inspire confidence & clear-mindedness, it creates energy that can help you in pursuing your goals. The stone will also connect you to the higher universe in several profoundly powerful ways. The stone can enhance the function of the endocrine system and relieve constipation. It will also act as a cleanser and aid counteract the dangerous effects of some pharmaceutical medicines.   Healing Hug book now available in paperback from our website or amazon paperback or kindleBuy it here!It makes a great gift when bought with our signature room mists that accompany the book here >>>Buy Book & Room Spray package  
Some of our products can also be bought through our online shop. If you cannot find what you are searching for, then drop us an email at
Online Shop
 Reiki will take place on SUNDAY 7th November 11.30 – 1pm. Places are limited due to restrictions on numbers, but to guarantee your space please call and book and pay ahead. £5.Everyone is welcome to these sessions and all we ask is that your heart and mind remain open.
COLOUR THERAPY Our colour and light therapy room will reopen in November. Seasonal affective disorder can occur when someone doesn’t get enough sunlight and seratonin levels drop.  White SAD lamps can simulate sunlight which helps to trigger your brain’s serotonin (the feel-good hormone) and can help adjust your circadian rhythm (the body’s process for regulating your sleep-wake cycle)An SAD lamp works the same as the sun does; it emits broad-spectrum light which is what helps your skin to produce vitamin D. A lack of vitamin D is thought to play a role in SAD, so using a lamp can improve your symptoms. Colour therapy involves bathing in a particular colour light to affect your mood. Call to find out more and book.  
 Buy Community Lottery Tickets and Support T4H!We continue to support those most in need in our community through counselling and massage sessions,  all funded through T4H. Help us continue this work by buying a community lottery ticket.  60% from each ticket sold goes to support good causes in Lewisham and there’s a chance to win the £25,000 jackpot every week! Support Therapy 4 Healing – T4H when you play Lewisham Community Lottery – Lewisham Community Lottery

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