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Positive Mindfulness – how to just…breathe…de-stress and carry on

In our line of work, both at the centre and in our corporate away workshops, we come across alot of people who are overworked, going through further cuts and stressed out, often taking their work home, especially in certain work sectors. As we explained in our recent Positive Mindfulness workshop, in this ‘fast paced, sit at desk until its done culture’ or ‘run around from place to place, on the phone/on constant call’ – sometimes we all just need to stop and…breathe.

Mindfulness can simply be described as moment to moment awareness. That awareness can be in a state of negativity e.g. train late ‘oh my gosh, late for work again, why didn’t I leave on time, that stupid…’ and so on…(we’ve all been there! Or as our team would tell you, letting our stress out on them sometimes with an abrupt word! Yes, we are human). Or we can turn that around and say ‘okay its late, nothing I can do’ take a deep breath and use that time to read or breathe deeply or just be still for a minute.

I call it the ‘Matrix Moment’ where you are within the stressful environment but you see the gaps, where to walk, not to get bumped and you step out of pace…take a deep breath and go within the flow. Another way to describe it is ‘Helicopter Hover’ – within a stressful moment, just lift your head, raise your arms, take a deep breath and take your thoughts above the situation like you are in a helicopter looking down…and breathe.

When you find yourself spinning, remember to stand up from your desk and stretch, drink lots of water, talk to a colleague, exercise those hands, lift those arms up and take a deep breath. Quick simple daily steps to release that tension, find solutions, raise your energy and…carry on.


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