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MindBody Therapy / Community  / Power Up Your Life #ICANDoIt Workshop – went brilliantly!

Power Up Your Life #ICANDoIt Workshop – went brilliantly!

We had a great time of sharing and inspiring each other in this workshop on Sunday! So proud of all the ladies who came as most had written down some of their goals and were ready to go into visualisation to adjust their goals and write down what they really needed for 2018.

Some comments:

~ would have liked it longer as people [were] just [starting] to feel confident [to open up] ~ could be a 1 day session

~ maybe a reading list (buy my book when it appears! Full reading list there)

~ very good session…space to think

~ It was all great, thanks karen

~ pulled out experiences of group which were very beneficial

~ really great day, a room full of very wise women who I learnt a lot from

~ Karen pushed me to think a few layers deeper than I had before when thinking about my goals

~ need a follow up workshop / more on staying on track / 1-2-1’s would be good

~ longer and larger workshop – really wonderful journey

~ workshop pitched at excellent level…managed at optimum level to ensure all participated effectively, thank you

Power Up 1

We discussed:

  • GOALS for 2018
  • How to start your journal / Vision board and keep adding to it
  • What’s stopping you
  • Tools to help you stay on track
  • How to deal with OPP (Other People’s Power/Position/Perception/Priorities)

Standing still for Intuition, gain Clarity and take Action Now until we can say I CAN Do It!



1) Next Workshop to come – date to be decided

2) Further tool kit to buy:

Look out for my new e-book on the website to download, around what’s stopping you and tools to help you to stay on track.


Look forward to seeing you next time.

Karen Burke

LinkedIn & Twitter: KarenFBurke

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