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Say Goodbye to Summer. Autumn is Here

Can you believe it? Summer is coming to a close and Autumn is here! A change of season invokes different routines. Spiderwebs and misty mornings replace the long heatwaves we experienced this summer. More time will be spent inside as we begin our cosy nights in and hunker on down.
Creating your living space to be a safe and welcoming place is important if you will spend considerable time there.

We have a selection of ROOM SPRAYS, all made by Devon to help you settle into your space. They can be used in the same way as smudging or cleansing herb bundles (but without all the smoke!) to purify and cleanse your rooms. Spray, set your intention and Believe
Cleansing / Master/ Holy Wisdom / Calm / Faith / Love / Success
All available at the centre and now also online


If you enjoyed Karen Burke’s book ‘Power Up for the Year’ then sit tight for the release of her next title … ” This too will pass…When you release control, despite striving for the things you want, you learn to do what you can and what you can’t do; you let go of the outcome. Sometimes, people; property; positions; a wave of perceptions and feelings need to align before change can happen, before the world is ready for the next phase of your life. In the meantime, honour yourself, feed yourself good stuff through food; music; the arts; media; relationships. Treat yourself with love and treat others with love”.


Have you seen our recent reviews? Our therapists have been working very hard under new guidelines to ensure everyone’s safety and wellbeing. It’s been difficult (and hot) to say the least….. but they have been troopers. To those of you that have left us one of these amazing reviews, thank you! If you haven’t left a review, we would really appreciate if you have some time to spare after your next appointment to do so. (You don’t need pen and ink, an odd email would be just as nice!)

Friendly & welcoming by all staff. It was a great deep tissue massage. Elizabeth asked many questions regarding my back & shoulder pain, I felt this helped to gauge how much pressure to apply and where. I will definitely come again. Thank you M.S.H

Really enjoyed my massage with Romina which is exactly what I needed. Incredibly relaxing and gave a lot of relief to aching muscles postpartum. Special recommendation for the attention she paid to the neck, shoulder and head, as well as the feet. Highly recommend!  –A R
Friendly welcome. Clean environment. My therapist was knowledgeable, friendly and very professional. My first visit and looking forward to my next.– DMcB

There are plenty of places you can go to for a massage or you can choose to go somewhere where your therapist is really in tune with your body & knows how to give you the best treatment and experience possible. Go to the Mindbody Centre if you’re looking for the latter. They provide relaxation & therapy with a difference. Can’t recommend it more highly. – H.O

We don’t like to brag but sometimes you’ve just got to be PROUD and shout it from the rooftops. We received a Client Experience Award for 2020 and not only that but we are part of a small group of salons that have won this award 5 years in a row!  So your reviews help. A lot. Thank YOU!


We welcome a new therapist to our team…Marina Young is an experienced body worker and specialises in deep tissue massage, aromatherapy and reflexology, she is also a Reiki Master. Her first two clients commented that it was the best massage they had ever received! If you want to experience her magic hands…..get booking – she is available on Sundays 11 – 4pm

We also welcome Tom Deitch, a psychodynamic counsellor. 

‘Are you facing challenges in your life which seem impossible to overcome?  Maybe you are struggling with intrusive thoughts, feelings of low self-esteem, despair, guilt or shame?  Has a bereavement or traumatic incident left you feeling that it’s hard to cope?  Do you have a need to be properly heard, perhaps for the first time?’ Call us and we can put you in touch to make an appointment with Tom.


ONE ENERGY REIKI session this Sunday 4th October 11.30 – 1pm

£5. Join us for our monthly reiki group session.  A friendly and welcoming session where we talk spiritually and learn how to heal ourselves. To guarantee a space it is advisable to book as we are limited on numbers.  Call 020 3417 6108 to reserve.

T4H  Do you or anyone you know, need to speak with someone?  Are you a carer or a person struggling with high anxiety; feeling isolated or dealing with a long term condition or bereavement?  Mental wellbeing has a significant impact on our physical wellbeing. Through the social enterprise Therapy 4 Healing (T4H), we are able to offer FREE 1 – to -1 talk sessions (minimum of 3). We have professionals from all walks of life, ready to talk with you through mental; physical; emotional and spiritual issues. This year has been tough for all sorts of reasons and people are still feeling the effects. Looking after yourself is not selfish. We all need support, so don’t be afraid to reach out so we can try and help you find solutions. Email or call 020 8617 8820


Is it too early to mention Christmas? Doh! We already did! We are trying to make things easy for you by offering our most popular products online and in the centre. It’s never too early to think about how to treat loved ones. The theme this year is ‘keeping it local’ so please support local businesses where you can. It’s been a tough year but your loyalty and newbies (‘hello!) make it all worthwhile. Do keep checking on our page for new products which are being worked on all the time. Devon has been donning his alchemist hat to bring you a new winter hydrating cream so keep an eye out for that. As always gift vouchers can be purchased online or from the centre.

We are here…..we are open and ready to treat you.  All our services are back up and running apart from the sauna – many of you have asked about it and please be reassure you will be the FIRST to know when it reopens, but we are going by Governments guidelines to keep everyone safe. 

We hope you have an amazing Autumn to remember! 

MindBody Therapy

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