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Self Healing Energy Circle @ the centre

Self Healing Energy Circles a group for anyone who’d like to gain knowledge and experience of self healing
energy techniques.
If your answer is ‘Yes!’ to any of these, then this is for you ��:
Would you like to: 
• Be able to help yourself to get to that lovely feel-good relaxed feeling
• Have more tools to help yourself with your well being
• Be able to feel more regulation in your nervous system
• Have a quicker bounce back when you’re feeling low

Based on the Elements we’ll be introducing you to new resources.  Building over
the 4 sessions to learn these techniques (attend all sessions or just drop in):
• connect to universal life force energy. (Fire) ��
• learn about how we can balance and invigorate our own energy centres. (Water)
• Connect with mother earth and draw on her energy for support. (Earth)��
• Feel lighter and calmer by using ancient techniques to shift our thoughts. (Air)��

These sessions are an exciting chance to learn some tools and techniques that you
can take home and practice to increase confidence in your own self-healing and
start to feel good or better more of the time.
Sun 13 Nov 11.30am-1pm
Sun 18 Dec 11.30am-1pm
The sessions are led by Emma and Lesley and the techniques and tools we’ll be
exploring are a unique combination of Emma and Lesley’s experience of energy
work that they have developed through their own self healing journeys. 
Emma Hewitt is a Holy Fire Usui Reiki Master and Tarot Reader who practices at
the Mindbody Therapy Centre. She has over 20 years experience holding space
and holds women’s circles and drumming circles across South East London.
Lesley Stopford has a lifetime of journeying on the spiritual path and brings
empathy, knowledge and intuition into her work with people. Her passion is
helping and supporting people to find their true selves and to really get in touch
with what they are here on earth to do. She is an intuitive coach and also offers

transformational tarot sessions.

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