MindBody Therapy is a successful complementary health and well being company, whose main centre is based in Forest Hill, SE23 but they cover all of London and the South East with their services including for Corporate Bookings.

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We invite you to come into our shop in London, SE23, for a world of health and well being products. When you come in, you’ll see an array of products from trigger point massage balls to singing bowls to diffusers and other lovely items you no longer have to go up town for. See below some of our most popular products.

Essential Oils

We have a great range of pure authentic essential oils to aid the whole body system by rebalancing digestive tract, circulation, skin disorders, enhance mood, helping to ease aches and pain amongst many other benefits. Book in with our aromatherapists, who are able to create your own personal pocket aroma scent stick, so that help is always at hand. We also sell oil burners.


Incense and Candles

With over a dozen scents of incense there is sure to be one that is your favourite, along with Pure temple grade high end incense for purists. For people that are sensitive to smoke we additionally stock Henna Den Sacred Stones which are a smokeless incense to put in your oil burner. We also have a range of tea lights, soy wax, and decorative candles.

Epsom Salt Products

Epsom salts are ideal for use in a bath to soak away muscle and joint pain. Epsom Magnesium oil is a great addition to the collection as it can help the absorption of magnesium through the skin to aid joint mobility and overall health providing quicker results than through the digestive tract. The range also includes soap, shower gel, shampoo, and conditioner.


Neals Yard

We have our own Neals Yard consultant and always have popular products available. We can order in other items you pay for, so you can collect.


As well as the Karen Burkes’ very own publication of Power Up For The Year, which guides you to self empowerment, creative motivation, juggling demands and ensuring our life is in equilibrium. This is also available as an E-Book download. We have a wide selection of books to purchase from changing your life to meditation and healing to food benefits and healthy diets, as well as advantages of working with crystals, essentials oils and angel card predictions too. Come in, relax with a complimentary herbal tea and take a read from our stock of books for sale.

CBD Oils

CBD is extracted from the hemp plant without delta 9 tetrahydocannabinol (THC) resulting in no psychoactive effects so you get just the benefits of the cannabis plants to relieve pain and reduce inflammation, it can also help with improving sleep, appetite, immune system, and mood. Research indicates that CBD directs the body to use more of its own receptor helping with anxiety and stress.

In addition to the tea, we stock different percentage of tincture and water-soluble spray.

The Water-Soluble Spray is infused with herbs and extra terpenes from natural plant sources including lavender, turmeric, and black pepper. Vegan-friendly, pleasant tasting and easy to consume the spray is 10 x more easily absorbed into the body. It can be applied directly onto the tongue or added to your drink.

CBD Oil is available in 4% and best selling 10% grades, a few drops are placed under the tongue and absorbed into the body through digestion.

Himalayan Salt Lamps

Made from unique minerals of block salt which is hollowed out to make space for the light of the lamp to illuminate the glow through the rock, perfect to soften and add warmth to any area. Place in the bedroom to help improve sleep, as the lamp heats, the ions purify the air from dust and allergies improving air quality. It can also help reduce stress levels, whilst boosting immunity and enhancing the mood. The lamps start from £15 and are priced by weight. We also have decorative tea lights holders and blocks of Himalayan bath salts. Spare bulbs for the lamps are available.


Have a bite on us. Our South Devon produce of Chilli Chocolate range of cocoa dark blend with a bit of a kick to tantalise your taste buds and warm your heart for more devilish good treats. With a selection of healthy protein bars and quick nut snacks that will build and repair tissue and cells for healthy bones, muscles and skin. Kitchen essentials of coconut oil which boosts good cholesterol helps stop heart disease and lowers high blood pressure and Ostler’s apple cider vinegar with the mother with similar benefits in addition to killing many harmful bacteria and a great antioxidant.


We have a great range of polished, raw crystals and tumbled stones. From the popular ones; Amethyst for balancing and healing, citrine for emotional wellbeing and shungite for protection and water purifying to other obscure rarer specimens. A small selection of Crystal jewellery is also available. We have a number of books about crystals if you wish to expand your knowledge and some of our therapists can do crystal healing by appointment.

Rituals & Smudging

We stock turkey feathers, sage smudge sticks and other herb bundles for smudging. Also resin beads and charcoal for clearance and ceremonies, as well as palo santo.


Herbal delights from the range of traditional Yogi Tea soothing blends for every day, to the taste of the Americas with the Caribbean Gold infusion of fruit and herbal mix to for an enticing tangy aroma to create a hot cocktail. We also stock Dalgety range which has a multitude of health gains from cleansing, immune building, helping with sore throats and colds, digestion with awesome exotic flavours. We additionally stock AmmaLife CBD range with 2 % Cannabis Sativa tea and different grades of tinctures, taken from the hemp plant to relieve pain and reduce inflammation and is activated whilst sleeping.


Do you have trouble Sleeping?

So many people have come into the centre asking for products to help them sleep, so we’ve put together our very own sleep shelf in the shop! We’ve also put some tips together…hope they help!

· Bedroom Heaven or Hell!
· Switch off & have a wind down routine
· Watch your food and Drink
· Stop worrying
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