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MindBody Therapy / Community  / This Sun 25th March – Intuitive Readings with Esther!
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This Sun 25th March – Intuitive Readings with Esther!

It is £15 for 20 minute sessions between 11am – 2pm.

You can choose your time slot – times are on the hour and half past the hour.


Call 02034176108 to book and pay in advance please.


Intuitive/Past Life Regression Readings

  • An intuitive reading can be a powerful tool for gaining depth and insight into self and life.​

  • An intuitive reading is a snapshot of your life which may provide suggested actions or directions to take, it does not predict the future. The future is not necessarily an unchangeable thing. Free-will allows one the ability to create the desired future. 

  • In that sense, a reading can support you in taking responsibility for your life. When intuitive advice is sought, it should not be used solely in making important life decisions. Use it as useful information to consider, alongside what you feel within your own inner self.


“Esther asked to hold my hands. Just as our hands touched, she jumped as one who had received an electrical shock. “Your heart! I can feel your heart…you are overwhelmed!” she exclaimed. She then began to speak concerning matters in my personal circumstances she could not possibly have known of unless revealed to her by another. Certainly, we had never met before. We were strangers to each other. How could she possibly know? I began to weep.From that moment, I knew I was with a very special person.

“Our first session had begun. By the end of it, I sensed a spiritual transaction had taken place deep within. As for the physical setting, I just wanted to remain in that space of tranquility and peace, covered with a warm blanket and holding a cushion close to the centre of my being. I could say so much but I must exercise restraint. Esther has been brought to me at a critical point in my life, the true significance of which has yet to be revealed.

“Her work with me has just begun. In just one session, her intuitive words have offered safety and guidance filled with love and gentle care. I absolutely intend to meet with her again and I hope she will be my beautiful spirit sister for infinity. I encourage you to contact her – it could be the best decision you will ever make in your life.”