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Trouble Sleeping?

So many people have come into the centre asking for products to help them sleep, so we’ve put together our very own sleep shelf in the shop! Come into the SE23 shop to purchase. We’ve also put some tips together…hope they help!


  1. Bedroom Heaven or Hell!

Try blackout curtains, an eye pillow; ear plugs; your room should be warm but not too warm; see if a new mattress or pillow is needed. An unsupportive mattress will encourage poor sleeping posture, which prevents you from a good night’s sleep. Also…see if you can de-clutter your sleep space.

Buy our Calm spray / pillow mist and Salt lamp for a lovely scent & glow, to create a soothing ambience, as well as our eye pillow to help keep out light. If you are into Clearing, then use Sage or Palo Santo to cleanse the space.

  • Switch off & have a wind down routine

The bedroom should be somewhere that we associate with sleep or other lovely activities! Switch off the TV; phone; other devices. Try not to work in the bedroom. Form a bedtime routine and try to go to bed around the same time every night.

Why not book in for a calming Massage to help with fatigue & worry, or buy one of our relaxing CD’s or Devon’s new ‘Last Train to Calmsville ‘ journey CD. Try lavender or bergamot essential oil; a special crystal; CBD oil or tea; plus a warm Himalayan or Epsom salt bath using our sleepy Lavender soap. Newsflash! Our new bath tea, created by Devon, is now available!

  • Food and Drink

Eating or drinking too much, too late, may make you less comfortable when settling down for bed. Also, spicy foods may cause heartburn, which leads to difficulty falling asleep and discomfort during the night. Try to restrict fluids close to bed time, though milky drinks have been known to help but alcohol can actually disrupt sleep, causing night time awakenings and a night of less restful sleep.

Try our CBD tea; Relax Yogi tea or Linden tea before you go to bed. Book in with our Nutritionist to have a 1-2-1 about what foods may be best for you

  • Stop worrying

When a person is anxious, heart rate increases and an active brain triggers other worries, so it’s even harder to sleep. Repeat positive confirmation statements and tell yourself out loud ‘It is all going to be alright’. Try our selection of self help books to help you manage. Also look at Karen’s ‘Power Up’ book to help you get things done and your life sorted as much as you can. Then stop the worry and breathe a long breath out!

Try Guided Imagery & Visualisation; CBT or Hypnotherapy to help you ‘unlearn’ thought patterns & learn relaxation techniques – enquire at the desk. Also try our CBD oil or spray and Fall Asleep blend.

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