MindBody Therapy is a successful complementary health and well being company, whose main centre is based in Forest Hill, SE23 but they cover all of London and the South East with their services including for Corporate Bookings.

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You Tube continues! on MindBody Group SE23

Staying well mentally, physically, emotionally , spiritually èvery single day can be challenging. There are up days and down days, the magic happens when we stay up more than down and see this as a pivotal moment in our lives. These could be the best and worst days of our lives depending on your situation. One thing we all know is that life will never be the same again. We do however get to choose, not always what happens to us but HOW we manage it. Stay well and stay positive, Karen and Devon Burke – SEE MORE HERE

We haven’t been on our You Tube channel for ages and in fact had an old one we meant to populate since moving into the new premises in 2015! Well…we realised we had loads of videos all over the place and on varying phones, so have pulled what we can together, to display a smidgen of what we’ve been up to over the last 11 years! This includes MindBody Therapy Centre, as well as loads of festivals and events. Also, it covers the community arm, under T4H Therapy 4 Healing (social enterprise) whose fantastic work with seniors, has had to stop during this coronavirus pandemic. We hope everyone stays well as much as possible, as we know this has had a devastating impact on the elderly. We send love, healing and best wishes to all our extended ‘family’.

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