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What is Reflexology?

Reflexology is a pressure therapy given on the feet(or hands), where all the structures and organs of the body are reflected in miniature. For example touching one part of the foot or toe corresponds to different parts of your body’s organs, systems & structures.  In a one hour treatment all these points are pressed for a full routine on each foot.

When you are under stress, tensions build up in the body which can cause muscular pains, headaches, digestive issues and many other symptoms. Reflexology can help the body relax in order to release tensions held in muscles, organs and glands. This in turn helps to bring about balance to your mind and body. It is especially good for those who prefer not to take any clothing off for a therapeutic treatment.

Benefits include:

  • Can reduce stress, encourage deep relaxation, enhance energy and the immune system
  • Can improve circulation and relieve water retention
  • Helps restful sleep and can relieve anxiety & depression
  • Helps eliminate waste products like toxins from the body
  • Can help to reduce pain, such as arthritis and endocrine related conditions such as PMT

Contraindications are few; however please talk to the therapist if you have thrombosis; you are in your first trimester of pregnancy or have undiagnosed pain.

Reflexology – Maternity

Many women will enjoy receiving regular reflexology sessions during their pregnancy as it may help relieve any discomfort and support the mother to be during this time. During a treatment it is possible for the client to get into a deep, relaxed state which may then trigger the clients own healing processes. Vital energy/life forces circulates and permeates all the organs in our body, so using a gentle light pressure on the feet and/or hands, which reflect the whole body may help facilitate the flow of this energy, achieving a balance for mind, body and spirit for both mother and baby.

Reflexology for babies

Mini workshops available for parents/carers, may aid babies and toddlers to feel calmer, may improve their sleep patterns and encourage both parent and child to have a closer bond with each other. Parents are taught the reflexology sequence in a relaxed and informal way.

Reflexology for children and children with special needs

Children need touch for survival. Their growth and development thrive on touch. And how will they learn about love and affection if not through touch’

– Touch by Tiffany Field (2003:5) Cambridge MIT Press

  • Reflexology is a holistic therapy which may support our health and well-being and relax stressful lifestyles.
  • A gentle light pressure is used on the areas of the feet which reflect the whole body. The hands may be used instead if the child does not want their feet to be touched.
  • The reflexologist has a one to one interview with the parent/carer filling out a consultation form and answering any queries. This will take about 30 minutes. The parent/carer will sign this form to give consent for their child to have a session.The therapist will then give a reflexology treatment to the child which will last approximately 30 minutes. Follow-up treatments will take about 30 minutes.
  • It is important to seek medical advice if there are concerns about the child’s health prior to receiving reflexology. * After a session, a child will tend to feel relaxed,calmer and hopefully have improved concentration.


This treatment is done on the reflex points of your feet.

  • £35 (30 mins – maintenance)
  • £45 (45 mins – specific areas)
  • £60 (60 mins – full body & f/up maternity or Facial)
  • £80 (90 mins – 1st appt Maternity)
  • £80 (90 mins) – Massage & Reflexology mix
  • £100 (2 hr) – Massage & Reflexology mix
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