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Hopi Ear Candle

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Hopi Candle

Hopi Ear candling dates back to the ancient Greek times and then more recently to the native American Indians who used it as an effective form of cleansing, purifying and healing the body. It is a natural, non invasive traditional treatment to calm the mind, soothe the head and relieve pressure in the ears. A cylinder lit at the top is placed in the ear, creating a slow vacuum to remove toxins, a relaxing facial massage completes the treatment and no discomfort is felt. It is not necessary that you should suffer from ear problems to receive this highly beneficial treatment. Incorporating a relaxing face,neck and shoulder massage including pressure points to help clear the sinuses.


What are the benefits of Hopi Ear candling?

• Relief from build up of excess wax causing irritation and loss of hearing
• Reduced ear pain and ringing in ears
• Equalised pressure in ear canal to enable clearer thinking
• Relief from snoring and feelings of dizziness
• Improved lympth flow and sense of smell
• Incredibly relaxing and soothing.


When is Hopi ear candling not advised?

Although ear candling is a safe treatment it is important to be aware that as with any healing therapy the participant enters into it with an open mind and it is possible that shifts can occur at any time,either during treatment or afterwards. It may be that wax can be released from the ear canal immediately following the procedure or in the case of blockage another treatment may be suggested.

• Perforated ear drum, grommets or a hearing device
• Inflammation or infection in the ear canal
• Allergies to the properties of the candle
• Current dental work or neck problems
• First 3 months of pregnancy


Our treatment is £45 per session.

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