MindBody Therapy is a successful complementary health and well being company, whose main centre is based in Forest Hill, SE23 but they cover all of London and the South East with their services including for Corporate Bookings.

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MindBody Therapy / Events

Ever wonder what else goes on inside the centre, well here you can find out what events and workshops are happening.

We are still open for online / telephone treatments which can be found here. We are also continuing with Group Reiki. These sessions can help you to feel calm, comfortable and to bring a sense of control back into your life. Please click the link below to book your space.

Next Event Sun 8th May 2022 (with Emma and Lesley)

Starts 11.30am

Click link below to book your space


Wednesday 30th March &Thursday 28th April

6.30 – 8pm – £20 Limited to 6 women

Call 020 3417 6108 to pay and book your space.

Run by Emma Hewitt who is a Reiki Master & Teacher, a Reiki Drummer, drum maker, artist and professional Tarot Reader.   Emma will be hosting a Women’s Circle at MindBody Therapy. Read more on BLOG

Doing the Stanstead Walk Oi! Sat 19th & Sun 20th March 2022 – great weekend!! Thanks

Thanks to everyone who came down over the weekend, to all the therapists, front of house & local shops, who supported the Easter egg hunt and the fiver deals!! It was nice to meet you all. See BLOG for raffle winners and more pics and link up on our socials.

The Coaching Pod

The Coaching Pod is delighted to welcome money and finance coach Karen Burke to share her wisdom, tools and tips for these popular Masterclass events.

Your Money, Your Mindset - Mon 19th Sept 2022 7pm


What is your relationship like with money? Do you have limiting beliefs that hold you back from earning or feeling that you deserve to have money? Many coaches realise they have a story about money which leaves them lacking confidence and doubting themselves when they need to charge their fees or ask for a raise.

In this Masterclass you were will:

  • Explore your relationship with money
  • Identify any limiting beliefs that hinder your business
  • Enhance beliefs that support you personally
  • Debunk 5 myths about money
  • How to talk confidently about money
  • Develop your money muscle and tools to build a business you love
  • Make money work for you

Your Money, Your Business - Mon 17th Oct 2022 7pm

Business Mindset

Starting a new coaching business can be daunting. There is so much to think about, so many decisions to be made when setting up. Make this transition a smooth one ensuring you have right business structure, processes and systems to start and build a strong foundation. This Masterclass will provide an insightful approach and tips to help you get going.

You will learn:

  • Advantages and disadvantages sole trader or limited company which is the right structure for your business
  • Identifying potential Sources of income
  • Income & Expenditure, Cashflow tools
  • What is Business Expenses
  •  Drawing up a Budget-personal/business
  • Creating healthy relationship with taxes, NICs
  • Savings & Investments(UK only)
  • Recruiting and hiring others

Your Money and Compliance - Mon 21st Nov 2022 7pm


Taking the necessary steps to run your business legally and safely, meeting regulations and applicable laws makes good business sense and maintains the stability and security of your coaching business. Being non-compliant can result in costly fines, penalties and risk the loss of reputation and goodwill with clients.

This Masterclass will provide insights, tips and a practical approach in being proactive and knowledgeable about meeting requirements making sure you stay up to date, with relevant processes in place.

You will learn

  • What compliance means for my coaching business
  • Understand basic laws for Tax/NICs/Safety/Employment
  • Developing a plan to be compliant
  • Avoid the pitfalls of non compliance
  • Managing liabilities and assets
  • Being a responsible business owner
  • Protecting your business
  • Adopting best practice for a thriving business