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MindBody Tuning Therapy / Energy Shifting

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This is a natural approach created by Devon Burke, which seeks to promote balance and well being to the whole person and as such is based on ancient traditions and medical systems that use a broad range of techniques and methods to promote physical, mental, emotional and spiritual health. It works well in conjunction with modern and other forms of conventional treatment.

Utilising traditions and principles of psychotherapy, together with theology, the MindBody Tuning treatment adopts healing approaches for the mind (psyche), the physical body, the mental and spiritual body (emotion & feeling). Collectively this approach provides a powerful synergy for the holistic healing of the whole person.

The intimate links between the body and psyche (mind) are acknowledged. Therefore breath work and other body work treatments are integrated with specialist talking therapy in order to provide you with an individualised programme of treatment.

This approach utilises One Energy Systems of Healing.

This means any combination of treatments, such as massage; reiki; crystal healing; guided imagery; slow movements, can be used at any one time depending on the individual need of the client. It involves the creation of a dedicated safe place to talk with your therapist enabling the client to find solutions and resolve any difficulties.

Physical touch and movement therapies are hands on approaches that work on the muscles or deeper connective tissues thus alleviating the blockages caused by stress and tension in order to restore harmony to the whole body.


  • Can reduce the effects of stress and anxiety thus facilitating sleep
  • Slows down the heart rate thus improving breathing
  • Could help release physical and mental tension thus promoting feelings of calm, well being
  • Can help to unblock congestion throughout the body enabling improved neural communication
  • Releases tension and increases energy levels
  • Can help with headaches, stiff joints, insomnia, tiredness/lethargy, depression, anxiety & psychosomatic symptoms thus improving well being but also self-awareness, confidence and a sense of control.


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