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Ready for a Change?

If you’re feeling tired of trying to juggle it all, fed up at work, stressed and/or in need of direction and focus…call me. If you need a change in your life or career, help with setting goals or getting the work life balance right for you…call me, Karen Burke, The Coach at the centre 020 3417 6108. Think how good you’ll feel by talking to someone who will listen objectively and without judgement, helping you to put your finger back on your pulse.

I can help you in areas such as:

  • Awareness – Discovering You
  • Inner Choices
  • Settings Objectives/Goals
  • Action Points – remaining focused
  • Accelerating Your Potential
  • Stress Management
  • Career Change/Advancement
  • Study Coaching/Mentoring
  • Work/Life Balance


We can concentrate on one area of your life, such as career, finance or relationships or take an holistic approach and cover all the areas of your life such as health, family, friendships, spiritual, education and lifestyle.

Do any of the following apply to you right now?

  • Successful but something missing
  • Fed up of always feeling like you have to achieve
  • Wondering who you are at the moment
  • Just going through the daily motions
  • Finger no longer on your pulse
  • Too much to do…too little time
  • Feeling uncomfortable where you are but don’t know why
  • You have something more to offer but not sure how
  • Reaching your goals but want to accelerate and find focus
  • Stressed!
  • Want to go back to studying but where do you begin
  • Already studying but it’s not working
  • Trying to re-discover yourself
  • Fed up of trying to fit into a square when you’re a diamond


I’m sure you may have moments when you feel like you just want to scream or run away or both! It’s natural for you to feel this way sometimes as life just seems to get busier and busier and your heads get crowded by the flood of information there is available to you. You just keep going and going and forget that sometimes all you need to do is pause…


Catch your breath…

And breathe deeply again, gathering your strength, energy and sanity (!) and sense of direction before you start moving again.

To help make your life easier I will help you to pause, put your finger back on YOUR pulse and help you not only to stay on your chosen path but to ENJOY it as well.

Where and how is it done?

Life Coaching can be done face to face at the MindBody Therapy Centre in Forest Hill or over the phone from the comfort of your own surroundings at a time to suit you. Each session usually lasts about one hour, with the first session usually lasting one and a half hours. Most clients benefit from at least four to six sessions but some have less or more. They can be once a week; every other week or once a month according to your needs. All sessions should be paid in advance of session each time.

What do we talk about?

We can go through one area or all the areas of your life, such as social, spiritual, emotional, financial, career, relationships etc and see which areas need ‘topping up’ and re-adjusting. We will look at your goals,your values, your beliefs and discover what is really important to you and what you are currently spending your time on. Then you can decide where you want to go, what you want to change and how you want to go about it in order to bring out YOUR best. It will enhance you but also those around you if done from the heart and with well meaning for those you are responsible for.

Coaching Families / Mentoring Teens

Coaching is the method of guiding a person from where they are, to where they want to be. You’ve probably heard of coaching in sport, and you may have heard of coaching in business; family coaching follows the same basic concepts. During a session the coach will talk to members of a family to find out where the problems are and what changes can be made to reach a happy medium.

Family coaching sessions are designed to keep disputes as rational as possible. When we let our emotions get the better of us, arguments can easily turn into shouting matches. A coach will ensure any arguments that arise between family members during a family coaching session are kept as structured, fair and valid as possible – so that everybody has a chance to have their say.

The truth is: living with other people is difficult, even if those people happen to be the ones we care most about in the world. Managing a good family dynamic takes time, patience and practice. Keeping all family members happy is no easy task – especially when you all have to live under the same roof.

Happy, peaceful family-life can only really be achieved with the perfect combination of compromise, order, mutual respect and understanding.

Family coaching sessions are designed to provide families with the tools and techniques to resolve conflicts, reach compromises and hopefully transform a difficult living situation into a comfortable one.

So why would you want to try family coaching? Coaching offers a practical solution to often very personal problems. Conflict within the family home can be so much more damaging and distressing than conflict at work. When we choose to start a family, we usually do so out of love. Although those initial feelings can be stifled or forgotten over time by the trials and tribulations of life – they never truly go away, and work can be done to reclaim them.


Issues such as:

  • Relationship problems – whether marital or inlaws or parent/child
  • House rules issues
  • Teenage angst
  • Work/Play balance


Creating and sustaining a highly effective and happy family team by:

Identifying the ‘problem’
Creating a winning family team
Improving communications between family members
Appreciating differences
Creating and Living a Dream Together
Rediscovering Love for Self and Each Other
Power of Forgiveness to Self and Each Other
Resolving Differences and Conflicts
Mending Marriages
Mending Family Relationships
Overcoming ‘hurt’
Turning ‘hurt’ into opportunities
Opting for Amicable Divorces
Teenage Coaching
Exam Pressure Coaching
Creating Family Mission Statement

Setting boundaries

If you’re ready for a change, call and book your first session.

For enquiries and more information, please get in touch 020 3417 6108

or email with your requirements.