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Book of the Month – October

How to Get What you Want and want what you have

~ Great Book by  famous writer John Gray with the following quotes…

Increased caring and trust enhance your power to create what you want.
By relying fully on ‘doing’ to achieve, many people disconnect with the belief that they can get what they want.
The fire of passion, once ignited attracts great and brilliant ideas.
A rocket in motion cannot immediately turn around but it can gradually change direction.
When you radiate more positive energy , people want to be around you.
Life will never be free of challenges , but our ability to meet these challenges will continue to grow.
Unless a butterfly struggles to break free , it will never fly.
Lingering guilt robs you of your natural state of innocence.
Remember that we also have many therapists who can help at different stages of your life e.g. counselling, hypnotherapy to help you relax, solution focused hynotherapy for fears, phobias, shifting habits or life coaching to help get you from A to B. Just call the centre or email in with your needs 02034176108.