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Recharge & Keep Going…

As we brace ourselves for colder mornings and nights this Winter,it can feel like a sadness is taking over when the light draws to a close earlier each day. However there are still a few days before the end of the year. If you started the year feeling great and that you could conquer all…how do you feel now? No matter how far you feel you’ve come or what needs changing, what hasn’t changed, use the shift in season to sort out closets as well as your mind and recharge yourself to Do better, Be better, visualise and stay on track.

Some ways to recharge:

  • Go away on holiday (if you earn it, spend some but pay the bills 1st!)
  • Take a day to do exactly what you want (you know when you see those people at lunch time enjoying their coffee and you wish you could stay and do that, well now’s your chance!)
  • On the weekend do something totally different, break the cycle
  • Visit somewhere local you’ve never been (take a flask and sandwiches to save money)
  • Visit someone & reconnect, have a laugh—it can lift empty feelings and break up the monotony
  • Pick up the phone and chat to someone (break this email/txt habit and stay in ‘touch’)
  • Go to an actual bookshop and find some good reads
  • Decide to cook something different, warm and hearty and savour the new tastes

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Karen Burke

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