MindBody Therapy is a successful complementary health and well being company, whose main centre is based in Forest Hill, SE23 but they cover all of London and the South East with their services including for Corporate Bookings.

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Step into Spring

We have enjoyed the recent few days of sunshine. Spending time outdoors and witnessing the wonders of nature coming to life in the spring is truly uplifting. From the vibrant colors of blossoming flowers to the cheerful chirping of birds, it’s a feast for the senses which rejuvenates the spirit. Whether it’s taking a leisurely stroll in the park, enjoying a picnic in the sunshine, or simply sitting in your backyard and soaking up the warmth, embracing these moments in nature can bring a sense of joy and gratitude. Here’s to many more sunny days ahead!Spring is a busy time for wellness and self-care so don’t forget to schedule your appointments online or by phone to secure your preferred time slots.
PRICING ANNOUNCEMENT We hope you agree that it has been an amazing journey so far over the 15 years we have been active as MindBody Therapy – that we have delivered great services and there is always a friendly face at the front of house to welcome you. So it is with regret that from 1st June 2024 we will have to increase our prices slightly (we always try to be the last ones who do), in line with current costs and industry standards, ensuring our staff are sufficiently compensated for all their hard work over the years. We remain committed to delivering the same level of professionalism and care that you’ve come to expect from us.we do and hope that you continue to allow us to be of service to you. Karen and Devon”Book now to secure May prices for June!
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TREATMENT OF THE MONTH Both Reiki and massage offer valuable therapeutic benefits and can play a complementary role in promoting overall health, relaxation, and well-being. Why not try a free 10 min taster of reiki healing if you book a one hour general holistic massage with Ashely throughout May and June. During a Reiki session, the practitioner channels energy through their hands, which are placed lightly on or near the client’s body. The energy flows through the practitioner and into the client, helping to clear blockages, balance the body’s energy centers (chakras), and promote healing. Quote Ashley’s special offer at the time of booking. 
Join Us for Reiki Training Sessions and a Healing Evening…… Reiki Level 1 Training:Date: Sat 8 June, 10:30am-6:30pmDescription: Learn how to connect to the power of Reiki (universal life force energy) and discover self-healing techniques to heal yourself and your loved ones. No prior experience necessary.Price: Full price £130 with early bird offer (deposit of £50 required to reserve your space).Reiki Level 2 Training:Date: Sat 6 July, 10:30am-6:30pmDescription: Take your Reiki journey to the next level by learning powerful symbols that amplify Reiki energy by 20 times. Open to those who have completed any Usui Level 1 course.Price: Full price £150 with early bird discount offer. Secure your space with a £50 deposit.Both courses are taught by Reiki Master and Teacher Emma Hewitt. To reserve your spot or for enquiries, call 020 3417 6108. Reiki Evening:Date:Weds June 12th, 6.30 – 8pmDescription: Join us for a healing evening where you can give and receive Reiki in a group setting. Connect with like-minded individuals and experience the power of community healing.Price £20Don’t miss out on these opportunities to enhance your healing abilities and connect with others on a spiritual journey. Reserve your spot today! Call 020 3417 6108
Dates for the Diary
MindBody out and about! Find us at the following outdoor events this summer providing chair massage and Indian Head Massage…… Hilly Fields Summer Fayre – Sat June 22, 2024, 12 – 5pmBlythe Hill – Sun Juuly 7, 2024, 12 – 5pm 
WALK AND TALK IN JUNE  Are you looking for some company or motivation to get outdoors and get active? Look no further! As part of the T4H & TFL ‘getting people active’ project, Karen will be leading healthy sociable walks that are open to all.Whether you’ve been advised by your doctor to walk more, or you simply want to add another walk to your routine for your overall health and well-being, these walks are for you.What to Expect:Duration: Approximately one hour to one hour and a half.Attire: Wear your comfy trainers or walking shoes.Location: The walks will start from an agreed local SE London location and explore the surrounding areas.How to Join:Call MindBody Therapy to register your interest 020 3417 6108.Or simply turn up at the dedicated time and join in!Stay tuned for dates and times. Let’s step into the great outdoors together for a healthier, happier you! Exciting News from T4H! Thanks to your incredible support, T4H has raised over £323.97! This places us in the top 50% of causes on easyfundraising, among over 190,000 causes. What an amazing achievement!But we’re not done yet. T4H still needs your help to continue raising free donations. Here’s how you can support us:Sign up to support T4H on #easyfundraising:By signing up, you can earn free donations when you shop online with over 8,000 brands, including big names like Sainsbury’s, M&S, Argos, and Just Eat.It’s incredibly easy to support us for free, and every donation makes a difference.Join Today and Help T4H Win a £50 Bonus!If you join today, T4H could win a £50 bonus, helping us further our cause.Together, we can make a difference. Sign up today and let’s continue our journey towards a healthier, happier community.
Feeling stuck, lacking momentum, or overwhelmed by life’s challenges? If any of those feelings resonate with you, it could be a sign that you’re ready for something new. It’s okay to seek support and explore ways to move forward. Join us for a Men’s Workshop session on Sun May 26th, 1.30 – 3.30pm. What to Expect:Topic: “The challenges or obstacles we encounter in life are often proportional to the potential for growth, empowerment, and transformation that lies beyond them.Engage in dialogue and group interaction led by George, designed to foster discovery and personal growth.Create a sacred space to reconnect, contribute, and share experiences with like-minded individuals.Explore ways to move forward unencumbered by past challenges or adversity by generating innovative solutions.Experience energetic techniques and a guided meditation to release stuck energy and cultivate fresh perspectives.Don’t miss this opportunity to embark on a journey of self-discovery and empowerment. Join us to reconnect with your inner strength and gain new insights for navigating life’s journey with clarity and purpose.Date: Sunday, May 26th, 2024Time: 1:30 pm to 3:30 pmCost: £5For more information or to reserve your spot, please contact 020 3417 6108. 
 GIFT VOUCHERS are a simple and easy way to purchase a gift for someone – they can be used against any treatment in the centre, so you don’t need to worry about choosing the wrong one!  Any amount can be purchased and they are valid for 6 months. We can either post or send via email to you. Call the desk or book via our website…
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