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Welcome Spring!

Hang on in there and keep hold of your hats! Spring is on its way! Amazingly, some of the blossom is still hanging on the trees after these winds. We are here to see you through the changing seasons, we have a lot coming up over the next couple of months with new promotions, events and publications.  

Doing  The Stanstead Walk…….Oi! Over the past 2 years it has been a struggle for many independent businesses to keep going during lockdown. They are at the heart of our communities and makes our surrounding area alive. On the 19th & 20th March we are promoting our centre and the surrounding shops to encourage people to buy local and support small businesses. We will have £5 chair massages from 11am – 4pm. There will also be freebies, bags with vouchers for offers from other local shops, an Easter egg trail. Come and grab a bag, some food and get to know your local businesses, you may discover something new!
Neals YardWe have a small selection of Neals Yard products and sets for all your skincare needs and the sets make lovely gifts. Facial rollers with various gemstones complete your home pampering kit.  Home ScentsA huge variety of wax melts, incense, burners and diffusers to scent your home. We have some really lovely jasmine wax melts that will scent your whole home! Backflow burners make a nice alternative to the regular burners we sell. The smoke it releases travels downwards instead of upwards, creating a waterfall type effect that is meditative and relaxing to watch.
Mothers Day is approaching, so check out our shop for some lovely gifts. Some of our products can also be bought through our online shop. If you cannot find what you are searching for, then drop us an email at
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Emma Hewitt is a Reiki Master & Teacher, a Reiki Drummer, drum maker, artist and professional Tarot Reader.   Emma will be hosting a Women’s Circle at MindBody Therapy. This ancient practice of sitting in circle together allows women to drop into the here and now and create a transformative and powerful space to shift energies and recognise the deep connection and support we have with our sisters. This will include time for sharing, oracle cards, intention setting, life reflection exercises, and a Reiki Drum meditation.
WOMENS CIRCLE Wednesday 30th March &Thursday 28th April6.30 – 8pm£20 Limited to 6 women Call 020 3417 6108 to reserve your space. 
Therapy4Healing continues to work in the community at food banks and at some housing associations, helping people with chronic pain conditions. Your donations and funding help us to give free treatments to clients like Erin, 9 years old who has cerebral palsy. Erin’s Mum: “Erin has no independent movement, so spends the vast majority of time in her wheelchair. Up until last year, I was able to carry her out of her chair and give her cuddles and watch TV/read books together. She is now, however, too big to do that, so our limited physical interaction is when I am hoisting her in and out of her chair for personal care. She has stiff muscles from her condition and is much more relaxed afterwards. This kind of therapy isn’t available on the NHS and I wouldn’t be able to afford it privately, even knowing how important it is to her. She has had 12 sessions which has been fantastic, I only wish it could be continued”. 
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Whats on the blog…..
MindBody Publishing is growing……stay tuned to see how our website changes as we add more content. We love all things books and writing and want to share that passion with you. We are busy making plans to provide book reviews, our favourite quotes, blogs and author interviews so please watch this space because, if all goes to plan, we will be posting regular and exciting content. voices of self doubt and self blame can creep in over the tiniest thing creating a snowball of problems.  Having trouble with the voices inside your head? Read Sharon K’s follow up post and share comments on the MindBody Publishing site (subscribe!!!)
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