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Happy New Year

Welcome 2022

We sincerely hope you had an enjoyable festive season. Christmas this year for many of us didn’t go as planned….whilst some disappointment was inevitable, it was all about accepting and adapting, knowing and trusting that a new year is around the corner with all its fresh starts and hopefulness.  So this month at MBTC we are focusing on making small changes, dedication and consistency. Don’t let that body suffer in silence – booking regular massages to maintain optimum body health are the way forward and help reduce future problems. 
Some great reviews this month…. Fantastic session with Julieann which delivered over and beyond my expectations. Was only able to book for a short back massage but clinician was able to locate issue quick and address as much as possible in the time available, feeling great now. Thank you very much and happy new year to you! Nicole provided a really professional service. We targeted specific areas which instantly felt better after the massage. Will definitely visit again!  JC Maria really made sure I felt comfortable and the whole 90 minutes felt amazing. I love that she asked about all my conditions (including emotional) and therefore the whole experience was beautiful and more holistic. Thank you again! I’ll be back 🙂  MB  
FINANICAL HEALTH WORKSHOP  Karen Burke’s financial check workshop
What is your relationship like with money? Do you have limiting beliefs that hold you back from earning or feeling that you deserve to have money? Many coaches realise they have a story about money which leaves them lacking confidence and doubting themselves when they need to charge their fees or ask for a raise.
In this Masterclass you were will: Explore your relationship with money

Identify any limiting beliefs that hinder your business Enhance beliefs that support you personally Debunk 5 myths about moneyHow to talk confidently about money
Develop your money muscle and tools to build a business you love.

Make money work for you
Your Money, Your Mindset: Tue 25 Jan 2022 | 6-730pm GMT
Your Money, Your Business: Mon 21 Feb 2022 | 6-730pm GMT
Your Money & Compliance: Mon 21 Mar 2022 | 6-730pm GMT 

Go here to book >>>
Foods for Moods, author William VaydaThe new year is synonymous with casting aside ‘bad’ habits and creating new, healthier ways of treating our bodies. In January many of us are  cleansing, juicing and exercising…… but would we need to detox at all if we thought about what we eat in the first place and how it impacts not just our weight but our minds?

We all take for granted that man-made chemicals such as drugs and alcohol affect the brains biochemistry. However, we do not recognise enough that the food we eat, which is made up from natural chemicals, can produce similar changes in
behaviour and mood. Combining fact, psychology and
practical advice for choosing foods that can help our moods and physical ailments. Book available at MBTC

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Thank you for your support and understanding over the last month.  Isolation and staff absence caused a few appointments to be cancelled or moved, but we are almost all back to a full house so we look forward to seeing you soon at the centre.  With love,  MindBody Therapy

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